How To Change Azure Function App Time zone

Azure function app uses NCronTab library to interpret the CRON expression. you can test your expression here. By default Azure function app uses UTC Timezone.

Now lets get to the point, before starting please check whether your function app is using Windows or Linux.

Using Azure portal

  • Go to the azure function app configurations
  • Add a new Configuration WEBSITE_TIME_ZONE
  • For windows possible values listed here
  • For Linux possible values listed here
  • Save the configuration
  • Done

Using PowerShell

Run following command and add a new app settings, don’t forget to change the values (for windows, for Linux)

Update-AzFunctionAppSetting -Name <MyAppName> -ResourceGroupName <MyResourceGroupName> -AppSetting @{"WEBSITE_TIME_ZONE" = "CHANGE_THIS"}

If you face any issues or if you have any question please add a comment, and please don’t forget to follow me.


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