Automating RSS Feed Posts to Social Media Using GitHub: Say Hello To Ferret


In my last post about automation using Logic App, I discussed the usage of the X (Twitter) connector. However, I encountered some limitations with this approach. Determined to find a more flexible solution, I delved deeper into the realm of automation and crafted an open-source automation tool hosted on GitHub Actions. Join me in welcoming Ferret.


Why the name Ferret?

Before diving into the technical details, let’s address the curious choice of name—Ferret. Ferrets are renowned for their adeptness at gathering information. Their agile and inquisitive nature resonates with the core functionality of this automation tool. Just like a ferret scavenging for information, this tool diligently collects and disseminates content from RSS feeds to various social media platforms.

What is Ferret?

Ferret is a lightweight yet powerful automation tool designed to streamline the process of sharing content from RSS feeds to social media platforms. Built on the foundation of GitHub Actions, Ferret harnesses the capabilities of this robust platform to automate the dissemination of content seamlessly.

Additionally, if you’ve arrived at this blog post from social media, it’s worth noting that the very post you’re reading was shared by Ferret, showcasing its effectiveness in automating content distribution.

How does Ferret Work?

Ferret operates on a simple yet efficient workflow. Upon detecting new content in the specified RSS feeds, Ferret triggers a series of predefined actions using GitHub Actions. These actions include fetching the content, formatting it according to user-defined preferences, and posting it across the designated social media platforms.


Getting Started with Ferret

Getting started with Ferret is a breeze. Simply fork the Ferret repository on GitHub and customize the configuration according to your requirements. With comprehensive documentation and a user-friendly interface, setting up Ferret requires minimal effort.


With Ferret, automating the dissemination of content from RSS feeds to social media platforms has never been easier. By harnessing the power of GitHub Actions, Ferret empowers users to streamline their content-sharing workflows while reaching a wider audience. Say goodbye to manual content posting and embrace the efficiency of Ferret today!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.